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Coral is one of the main characters in the 1998-2003 children's TV series Jellikins/Jellabies. She along with her sister, Amber, and friends Bouncey, Strum, Denny, and Pepper live in the Jolly Jelly World along with a dragon named Duffy and uses a machine called the Jellyscope to send rainbows around the world. She is 6-years-old and her house is made out of building blocks and toys which she can modify as she pleases.


In the official canon, she is a pink Jelly bear with sharp, bright blue eyes. Like her twin sister, Amber, she has a necklace with a daisy on it and has bright yellow shoes with a flower for a bracket.

In Jellabies she is a jelly humanoid who looks almost the same as her official counterpart except she has pigtails that droop behind her head.


She is perhaps the most snappy out of all the Jellies, quick to anger if another tends to snap at other characters when they step out of line. She is quite wise though very dormant in comparison to her more out going and tomboyish sister. That said like her other jelly brood she is excitable and tends to enjoy having fun, however she often likes to experiment with new gadgets and toys.


She and her sister entered the Jolly Jelly World at the same time. Despite being twins they rarely stick with one another, with Coral keeping to herself and experimenting with new toys and Amber being more outgoing and adventurous. Coral tends to make friends quicker despite her timidness and sternness.